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January is National Poverty Month

Updated: Mar 19

Poverty is a global problem impacting Lincoln and Lancaster County locally. One statistic shows more than 15% of Lincoln residents live at or below the federal poverty line. Poverty is not only a financial issue it’s a human issue. Hygiene poverty is the lack of access to necessary sanitary products such as shampoo, toothpaste, soap, first aid, and other basic products due to the inability to afford them. Without proper hygiene, individuals struggle to find employment or find success in school leading to a loss of a sense of hope about their future.

Poverty Awareness Month allows us to shine a spotlight on this problem that exists in our community, to look at the disparities in our society and take steps to change the situation in any way we can.

Poverty Impact Network serves a unique resolution niche in the poverty cycle. Your financial and in-kind donations help to restore health, dignity and well-being for children, the working poor, and unhoused individuals in our community. We partner with other local non-profits by providing products directly to programs and organizations and services that serve Lincoln’s low-income populations.

By identifying how our community is affected by poverty we are able to slowly open minds and attitudes towards the poverty population issues and solutions, which ultimately results in real social change.

So we are asking you to join us this January 2023 to extend a helping hand by giving a one time or a recurring donation to aid in the effort to tackle hygiene poverty. To donate, click on the “Support Our Cause” button or check out the “How to Help” page of our website.

Every donation (no matter the size) makes an impact. Thank you for helping us and other partner organizations locally tackle social change!

Poverty Impact Network

As Lincoln’s first dedicated hygiene bank, Lincoln Hygiene Network is increasing the health and dignity of struggling children and adults through distribution of essential hygiene and personal care products at no cost to direct service organizations and programs in Lincoln-Lancaster County, Nebraska. To help, you may donate at

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