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Lincoln Hygiene Network is here!

We are excited to announce that Poverty Impact Network is now operating as Lincoln Hygiene Network. If you clicked on our previous website URL, you were redirected here. This new program name better reflects the work we do, which is to provide essential hygiene products to people in need. In addition to our new name, we also have a new logo and web address. Nothing has changed about our mission or our commitment to helping people in need. 

what we do

Lincoln Hygiene Network is Lincoln's first dedicated hygiene bank. We increase the health and dignity of individuals and families experiencing financial hardship through distribution of essential hygiene and personal care products at no cost to direct service organizations and programs in Lincoln-Lancaster County, Nebraska. 

our impact

Lincoln Hygiene Network has distributed over 221,000 hygiene and personal care items in the Lincoln area, positively impacting thousands of individuals and families through 23 local programs and organizations!

Hand hygiene
Shaving products

Why Hygiene?

Hygiene is essential for physical health and wellbeing. Without proper hygiene, adults struggle to find employment because they can’t put their best foot forward during job interviews and children struggle to succeed in school. For both adults and children, there is a loss of a sense of hope about their future. Physical and mental health issues can eventually result.

The SNAP program doesn't cover even the most basic hygiene products. Organizations where people seek assistance often don't have hygiene products available to provide regular help. Poverty Impact Network helps fill this gap by distributing products to direct-service organizations and programs to help them provide more holistic services.

hygiene kits

~  Hygiene Poverty  ~

Lack of access to necessary sanitary products such as shampoo, toothpaste, soap, first aid, and other basic products due to the inability to afford them.


Various styles of Hygiene Kits

A variety of products are provided to meet differing needs

Proper Hygiene Helps Vulnerable Populations

We believe that no one should have to choose between a meal or necessary hygiene products. Unfortunately, this a choice many living in or near the poverty level have to face. Even when individuals turn to community organizations providing low-income assistance, there is a lack of these basic hygiene and personal care products.


Poverty Impact Network helps eliminate some of the barriers to be a part of the solution of breaking the poverty cycle.

Restoring Health, Dignity, and WellBeing

Your financial and in-kind donations helps to restore health, dignity, and wellbeing for the elderly, working poor, unemployed, homeless and those at risk of homelessness right here in Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska. 


Products are provided directly to programs, organizations, and services that people in need already utilize. Our delivery method enhances existing local programs and services, eliminating the need for people to coordinate an extra stop to obtain needed toiletries. We meet people where they already are.


~  Period Poverty  ~

It's a lack of access to necessary period products due to the inability to afford them.

2 in 5 women in the U.S. struggle to purchase period products due to a lack of income.

Learn about what is being done about Period Poverty in Nebraska.

Always Proud to Be a Period Hero.png

Lincoln Hygiene Network actively reduces Period Poverty in the Lincoln area.

Always and Walmart have designated Lincoln Hygiene Network a Period Hero!

What Hygiene Poverty is and how we help

Your Donation Matters

Every donation, no matter the size, makes an impact. Thank you for your generosity!

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